Helping children to build confidence, communication and soft skills, enabling them to approach an up-coming school entry interview with fewer nerves and the ability to present the best version of themselves. 

This digital consultancy service involves a video call mock interview with one of our expert Consultants and includes an evaluation report, identifying strong areas, as well as possible areas for improvement before the day. 

'I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help during my school application process! Your mock interview was extremely useful. I also wanted to tell you that I was accepted to all four schools, and have chosen to to go to (****)! I couldn’t have done it without you!'


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  • Evaluate your child's confidence and ability to think for themselves.
  • Test their communication and soft skills, in a formal interview situation. with an adult they don't know.
  • Awareness of strengths and weaknesses across lots of question areas, so you'll know what to work on before the interview.
  • Lessen interview day nerves, by knowing what to expect and having the toolkit to show the best version of themselves.
  • Opportunity to book follow up mentoring sessions with an expert Consultant, to help your child develop their skills pre-interview.

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Knowing what to expect gives confidence to approach the day with less nerves.

Practice Questions?

Practice talking about the topics that might come up, with feedback giving focus to future practice.

Soft Skills?

Practice building rapport with an interviewer, showing how they'd be a valued part of the school community.

Our years of experience of boarding schools across the UK empowers parents with the confidence they are helping their child to be the best version of themselves.

Via a ONE TO ONE CONFIDENCE BUILDING MOCK INTERVIEW with one of our team, you'll receive a detailed evaluation report that identifies your child's strengths and weaknesses at interview.

Working with our expert team, your child will feel ready and prepared for interview, with the aim of securing a place at the right school to they will be happy and fulfil their potential.

Via the Mock interview with evaluation report...

I’m going to show you:

How a mock interview lessens nerves, building confidence to communicate effectively and develop rapport, leaving a positive lasting impression in the minds of those who meet your child.

Your child will...

Know what to expect on the day, have the opportunity to practice questions on topics that are often covered, as well as receive feedback on areas for further practice before the interview day.

Interview preparation is about teaching your child how to listen to a question and to think for themselves. It's about engaging in conversation. It's not about learning answers by rote, so they risk coming across as too prepared and are not able to be themselves.

What will be the outcome for you?

  • Knowing that you have given your child the confidence and skills they need to cope with the interview day.
  • Evaluation report so you can follow up via more practice in weaker areas.
  • Reassurance, when interview day comes, that you have done all you can to support your child towards a successful outcome.
  • Opportunity to book follow-up mentoring sessions with an expert Consultant to work on weaker areas and to grow communication skills and confidence.

What will be the outcome for your child?

  • Confidence, communication and soft skills, enabling them to show the best version of themselves.

  • Ability to build rapport with those they meet on the day.

  • Less nerves on the day as they feel well-prepared and know what to expect.

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Private Client

'Being an expat, you lose touch with the UK education system. Your Consultant filled us in with all of the latest information about the schools we were considering and we are happy that, with your help, we have chosen the right boarding school. We will certainly recommend your services to all of our friends.'

Private Client 

'Being informed about education is vital for all parents. Your proactive communications about education are both interesting and relevant for our children’s ages. Keep them coming!'

Private Client

'Coping with the application process to our chosen boarding school was very confusing until we met you. You guided us through every step in the process. Our son is now very happy in his new school. We look forward to your support with his education in the future.'

About the Author

I'm passionate about British education. In an education career spanning 30 years as a teacher, writer and education consultant, I’ve been so lucky to form trusted working relationships with 1000’s of families in the UK, as well as expat and international families all over the world.

Over the years as an education consultant I've gained an extensive insight into parents’ common worries, sticking points, and frequently asked questions about boarding school choices.

Determined to provide advice that’s accessible to parents all over the world in different time zones, with different wish-lists and varied amounts of time and money to invest, it’s my belief that digital consultancy is the solution to getting high quality expertise within a cost- effective, convenient solution for all parents.

I'm looking forward to working with you on your British boarding school search

Catherine Marx (Founder What School Year and TIEC)

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